Bipolar Bruins

Well, here we go again..

Another pp performance from the Bruins last night.. Just when ya think they’re back on track and about to start climbing the ladder, the “other personality” comes back out, and ya find yourself sitting there scratching your head, wondering what the hell was that.. again..

“Yay, my teams back!!” *Boom.. door slams* 3 straight very confused & effortless looking losses.. again..

Who’s to blame for this very inconsistent, frustrating season..?

Is it Claude? Is it the captain/leadership, who’s heart just doesn’t seem to be in it, (and neither do his skates)..? Maybe it’s our “starting-to-look-like-maybe-not-so-genius-after-all”, GM’s moves, finally coming back to bite us.?

What do you think are the reasons that this season looks more like a country road, than a straight full steam ahead path to the cup..?

Would love to hear some opinions on why this year’s group appear to suffer from some kind of split personality disorder, and have still yet find to their true identity, at the most critical point of the season.. our supposed playoff push..


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